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We offer an array of property management services, providing you with a process that has garnered our trusted reputation for over 60 years.  

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Rent Collection

  • Process screening and evaluation of all applicants ability to qualify and meet rental parameters

  • Receipts posted to individual accounts

  • Delinquent accounts handled promptly

  • With the use of versatile property management software, we are able to maintain and manage tenants activities

  • Work closely with designated attorney to initiate legal proceedings, if necessary

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Financial Management

  • Services or materials for property approved through purchase order system

  • The use of image capture allows for accurate, speedy and efficient turnaround in our invoice processing system

  • Invoices checked and approved by the executive manager before checks are written

  • Checks require two (2) signatures, usually a member of the management and a board member

  • Work and negotiate with our large pool of suppliers for quality, savings and reliable service 

  • Board of Directors and/or owners receives monthly reports of:

    • Balance Sheets

    • Income Statement (with budget analysis)

    • General Ledger

    • Delinquency & Prepaid Reports

    • Check Register

    • Accounts Payable Register

  • Preparation of annual budget for approval

  • Coordinate and facilitate the external audit process

  • Prepare and submit financial reports to Sponsors and Government Agencies

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Physical Management

  • Members of the executive management team on-site frequently

  • Recommendations made to the owner and/or Board of Directors based on observations made on the site inspections

  • Develop maintenance schedule and oversee site staff, if any, to ensure property is being properly maintained

  • Use of Uniform Bid Request to obtain comparative pricing for needed work

  • Oversee contractor’s performance

  • Utilize software system to ensure all contractors have the appropriate insurance and remain in compliance with insurance standard

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