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In 1955, Raymond P. Marzulli, Sr. founded R.P. Marzulli Co., Inc. Starting with the purchase of a six family home, the General Electric machine designer began developing residential properties in 1966. New Jersey Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency opened its doors in the early 1970’s with 4 multi-family properties. Ray, Sr. was awarded the management of 2 of those.

Raymond Marzulli, Jr. joined his father’s business in 1980 and the company began to blossom. By 1984, the company was awarded an additional five government financed and subsidized properties Ray Marzulli, Jr. took over the company in late 1990’s and now oversees all the day-to-day operations of the company. Over the years, the company has managed several condominiums, cooperatives and has been appointed managing agent by New Jersey Housing & Mortgage
Finance Agency on six occasions.

The company currently manages 30+ properties with over 2700 units including condominiums. Property management has progressed beyond the collection of rents and monthly fees. Today it is a science mastered only by those who have kept up with the sophistication of computers, money management, maintenance techniques, advancement in energy environmental issues and much more. We at the R.P. Marzulli Co., Inc. have these credentials and abilities.

Owners, Board of Directors, Sponsors, and Tenants alike can have confidence in our integrity, skills, knowledge and expertise. With almost 100 years of combined experience in the field the members of our executive management team are recognized as experts in every aspect of property management. All issues are handled promptly, delicately and efficiently.

In today’s rapidly demanding and challenging society, a dependable, trustworthy, well trained, experienced and understanding management team is the key to success. The R.P. Marzulli Co., Inc. is that key. Allow us to unlock the doors and lead you and your property to a better tomorrow.

Let’s Work Together

Raymond P. Marzulli Co., Inc.

264 Belleville Avenue 

Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003

(973) 743-2300

(973) 743-8021 

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